Nucleus Colonies (Nucs) & Packages of Honey Bees

Nucleus Colonies (Nucs) & Packages of Honey Bees


Our honey bees are all specially bred and acclimatized to the New Brunswick climate. Our breeding is based on multi-trait genetic selection. The traits include honey production, brood production, overwintering ability, and temperament.

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Our NUCs are made up of four frames: two frames of capped brood, a frame of honey and pollen, and a frame for the Queen to lay eggs in. Honey Bees Packages come with a new, caged queen and 4-5 frames of live bees. Customers can purchase NUCs or Packages from us only when pre-ordered for pickup at specially arranged date. A non-refundable deposit of $40 is required.

$215 per Nuc $240 per Package
The price includes the waterproof plastic NUC box.

NUCs and Packages are available beginning in early June, but you can RESERVE it right now!

Listed Price is for NUCs/Packages that are picked up at our location. We don’t shipped NUCs/Packages directly to customers. Pricing and availability subject to change without notice.

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